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“The provision is little, the way is long, the
journey is far and the goal is hard
to reach.” Ali A.S (Peak of Eloquence)

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BBHT, your guide in the journey of exploring this
phenomenal world from the world’s highest
peaks of Karakoram, lakes and landscapes
of Gilgit and Hunza; awe inspiring
forts and castles of Bahawalpur;

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unexploited beaches of Balochistan; Journey
of Love in Iraq; world’s biggest live volcano
lava lake of Congo; endangered species
of gorillas in Congo, Rwanda and
Uganda; to the rest of the world.

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Special Offer

Get a free online medical checkup


1: Engage

Contact and engage BB Health Tours via Online Form, WhatsApp or Email. BBHT will seek quotations from partner hospitals on your behalf.

2: Choose

With our guidance, you will choose the best quotation. You will then make partial payments according to the contract.

3: Travel

Processing of Visa applications, flight bookings (if desired), airport transfers, lodging and other logistics will be arranged for the utmost comfort of the visitors.

4: Treatment & Tours

Visit to hospitals, labs and clinics etc. for consultation, treatment and recovery will be arranged. Visit to tourist sites (if desired) can also be arranged.

5: Return

After successful treatment, your safe return to your home town will be arranged. Afterwards, follow-ups on the recovery and post treatment enquires will be entertained by BBHT.

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