What Customers Say Img

What Customers Say

Jean Paul Akilimali Img

Jean Paul Akilimali

I am working with a Travel Agency in Congo DRC in the town of Goma. I was fortunate to have worked under Mr Ali Vazir from 2014 to 2019.
My mother was very sick and suffering from multiple illness, including high blood pressure and obesity. I was advised by Mr. Ali Vazir to avail this free service. The online consultancy provided by the doctor was absolutely professional, but at the same time very gentle and caring approach. The pathological tests at my local laboratory were easily shared online. All traveling, boarding and lodging were looked after in a professional manner, according to our budget and liking. The quality of medical care provided was as good as any other developed country. But above all the hospitality shown all around made the experience memorable. My mother made a very speedy recovery and is on normal routine ever since. Thank you all.

Sabir Bukhari Img

Sabir Bukhari

My brothers have been looking after my mother for a long time. The doctors had been trying and testing different medicines with my mother, but she was not showing any signs of recovery.
She was suffering from Parkinson’s disease for more than 30 years. The disease is incurable and was getting worse day by day. We were just looking for some relief in the suffering. BB Health Tours provided personal care and got us connected to a lovely lady, a occupational therapist. Her personal attention, love and care were so soothing that were felt by the whole family. She could bring smile to my mother’s lips. We will always be grateful to them for providing these services at very affordable rates.

Mohsin Zaidi Img

Mohsin Zaidi

I had known BB Health Tours for a few years, but had never used their services. One day when my wife called me to inform about the status of her aging father, I picked up the phone and talked to BB Health Tours. I was immediately provided free appointment with Dr. M Vazir.
My father in law aged 72 was admitted to Hill Park Hospital. He had chest infection. 10 days had passed and was on ventilator. We approached Dr. Khan of BB Health Tours for professional guidance whether to continue treatment at the same hospital or transfer the case to Aga Khan Hospital. The Dr. was polite but straight forward and honest. She told us to be prepared for the sad news. My father in law passed away the next day. Their honest and professional guidance helped the family be prepared for the unfortunate event. But also saved unnecessary headache and thousands of rupees. We will highly recommend them to others.

AHG Security Img

AHG Security

I had posted a request before Moharram requiring a Double Cabin car on rent with a community driver for Muharram Ulema security escort.
Ali Vazir⁩ bhai of BB Health Tours promptly provided this with excellent service and best rates.
Would recommend his services to everyone.

Jean Dominique Burton Img

Jean Dominique Burton

No problem for the publication of your site as well as the relay of min., I have kept an excellent memory of our meeting as well as your excellent skills and reactivity in situations not easy to manage in a complicated country.
See u soon I hope…

Mark Nelson Img

Mark Nelson

BB Health Tours organized an outstanding tour for me in Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. There are not many tour operators successfully operating in those challenging countries but BB Health Tours did an excellent job. The BB Health staff and guides were very responsive to all my questions with excellent customer service. They delivered on their promises.

They displayed complete honesty and integrity in all their financial and business dealings with me. The hotels were clean, safe and friendly. I am an international lawyer with many hotel and travel clients and I have have journeyed to about 150 countries and thus have significant knowledge and high expectations in the hospitality industry. I strongly recommend BB Health Tours.

Dr. Alex Abel Img

Dr. Alex Abel

Overall, we had a great trip.  Emmanuel was a fantastic guide and JP was a great driver.  We enjoyed the stay up on Nyiragongo and enjoyed the gorilla trek.  Also, Ali, you went above and beyond helping us arrange with the Goma Volcano Observatory and for taking us into your house for some delicious food.  Thank you.

Barry McDonald and Arunee Img

Barry McDonald and Arunee

Thank you again for all the support. One thing we appreciated was that Ali & Jean Paul were always ready to do a little extra to assist us. For example, if we needed to do some shopping, they were happy to take us. Also, they never put extra deadline pressure on us when renting the car. We could return anytime from our trek or tour, and this made the experience much more pleasurable.

Ali also made our tours much more interesting by unexpectedly providing us with some snacks several times and by providing very detailed information about Goma, Virunga National Park and traveling in these areas.

Mark Gerling Img

Mark Gerling

Ali was a true partner and we had a great time with him.

Jean Denis Parent Img

Jean Denis Parent

I am impressed with the selection of hotels. I liked every one of them. Good choices.
I will suggest Ali to my friends and colleagues without any hesitation.

Jeff Vandevorst and Family Img

Jeff Vandevorst and Family

Nice adventurous hike, with a superb view inside the Nyiragongo.
Certainly, an experience of a lifetime, sleeping at the edge of a live Volcano.

Luca Trombella and Wilmyne Img

Luca Trombella and Wilmyne

Transportation was arranged very well.
Yes, the guide was professional.
The cook was just great! Excellent soup, good pasta sauce and tasty breakfast.
I would definitely suggest the same tour to my friends and colleagues.

Sandeep and his son Akhil Img

Sandeep Karayil and his son Akhil

Very well vehicle was organized by the Tour company and the driver was always on schedule.
The guide was professional. All meals were excellent. I would rate overall arrangements as 5/5. I would surely suggest the same tour to my friends and colleagues.