“Safar waseela e Zafar” (travel is the source of victory), goes an old saying in Urdu.

With the right mindset, travel becomes a spiritual process that fundamentally transforms your existence.

The first time I stepped out of my hometown on a journey up-country by road in 1986, I had started dreaming of one day exploring the world for myself and sharing this wonderful experience with everybody else.  Though it took about 33 years for this dream to become reality in 2019.

With the passage of time, I was more fortunate than many of my likes to be stationed outside my home country to work, visit, live and learn about different cultures and histories. From the breathtaking mountain peaks of Karakoram, valleys of Gilgit Baltistan sharing sweetness of cherries to the necropolis of Makli, hill station of Murree, gushing waves of Arabian Sea with salted water, to the dead sea of Jordan, journey of love from Najaf to Karbala-Iraq of nearly 25 million devotees, high-rises of Dubai, Portuguese forts of Morocco with their sweet drink ‘shai Maghribia (Moroccan tea)’ to Istanbul where East meets West on the one hemisphere of the Earth; while on the other hemisphere wilderness of Africa’s forests of Virunga, Nyungwe and Kahuzi Biega, Kenya’s Masai Mara, beaches of Zanzibar,  and National Parks like Serengeti, there is so much explored, yet many more times remains.