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About Medical/Health Tourism

Medical Tourism Agency (also health tourism) is an organization or a company which seeks to bring together a prospective patient with a service provider, usually a hospital or a clinic. These organizations are generally facilitators and developers of medical tourism, which brings into play a number of factors that do not apply when a patient stays within his/her own country of origin.
The most basic integral parts of a Medical / Health Tourism Agency are: a) International Tour Operator; and b) Medical Consultant.
Medical Tourism involves multiple fields like: Visa provision and extension, Traveling tickets, transportation, accommodation provision, suitable health facilities provision, association with medical consultants of different fields and most of the times pleasure tourism.

Though Pakistan is relatively new and not very well known in the sphere of Medical Tourism, but Pakistan has world-class hospitals, medical staff and infrastructure to provide these services plus they are very economical. Even if a tourist is visiting Pakistan for ordinary tourism, he/she can get a routine scaling/dental checkup or medical checkup for hardly US$30 to US$100 with equal international standard staff and equipment.

Here at BB Health Tours, apart from nationwide tourism network, we have a team of 2 dedicated medical professionals. One is a General Practitioner (Graduate) doing private practice, while the other one is General Physician (Medical Specialist) working with Pakistan’s #1 medical institute, Aga Khan Hospital.
We are providing online consultancy on medical problems as well as refer the prospects to relevant specialists in the following fields, as required:

Online Consultation Img

Online Clinic

Executive Checkups Img

Executive Checkups

Dentistry Img

Dentistry from Scaling to Tooth implant

Hair transplant Img

Hair Transplant

Infertility including I.V.F Img

Infertility Treatment including I.V.F (Test-tube Babies), Fistula Repairs

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Img

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

Cancers Img

Various Cancers including Solid Tumors and Blood Cancers

Organ Transplants Img

Organ Transplants like Kidney and Stem Cell Transplant

Cardiac illness Img

Cardiac illness including Angina and Myocardial Infarctions with their treatments involving Angiography and Angioplasty +/- Stenting and CABG

Chronic Infections Img

Chronic Infections like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B & C and Leprosy

Pediatric diseases Img

Pediatric diseases including Cancers related to children

General surgeries Img

General surgeries involving Laparoscopic Surgeries and Laser Treatments

Orthopedic surgeries Img

Orthopedic surgeries such as hand, foot and ankle, wrist, knee, elbow, hip, shoulder and spine surgeries

Hematological blood diseases Img

Hematological (blood) diseases like thalassemia, Aplastic Anemias etc.

Skin diseases Img

Skin diseases