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Attractions in Karachi

Travelers as well as the citizens in some particular city at times find it difficult as where to make a pleasure trip due to lack of awareness of resort places in that particular city. Based on this phenomenon, following is given a brief account of such places that can be visited when in the largest cosmopolis of Pakistan i.e. Karachi.

1. Quaid’s Mausoleum

Sprawled on a huge area in the heart of the city the mausoleum’s marble dome is visible from far distance. Designed by the architect Yahya Merchant having inspiration from the Samanid Mausoleum in Uzbekistan the mausoleum is a masterpiece of construction art and the final abode of the father of the nation. The place is a must visit site in Karachi as to tribute to the founder of the country on one hand and to admire the magnificence of the place on the other.

2. Zoological Garden

Established in 1878 and commonly known as ‘Mahtama Gandhi Garden’ the Karachi Zoo is the largest and second oldest zoo in Pakistan. It bears indigenous as well as exotic animals from all over the world.

3. Empress Market

Named after the Queen Victoria, the mother of the existing queen Elizabeth of Britain, the then colonial queen of pre partition of India the Empress market is a paragon of the British architect. Though highly crowded, the place can be approached to shop everything.

4. Quaid-e-Azam House Museum

This museum, as suggested by its name, is housed in the building purchased by the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in undivided India. The house that contains the personal belongings of the Quaid is like a casement to the spectator to look into the persona of the Quaid. 

5. Frere Hall

A bit ahead of Quaid-e-Azam House Museum and adjacent to Sindh Club and opposite Hotel Marriott and American Consulate Library is situated Frere Hall. The premises built pre partition date back in 1865. It contains Liaquat Library and Sadeqain Art Gallery where bona fide artists of national and international repute hold their art exhibitions. Engulfed by a well maintained garden and grassy ground the place is worth visiting to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the Frere Hall.

6. Mohatta Palace

The last worldly residence of the sister of the Quaid-e-Azam, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah the Mohatta Palace is turned into an art gallery and a museum. This 20th century palace built by a Hindu prince in 1925 is a combination of art, architecture and culture.  

7. PAF Museum

Those who are fond of aircraft and air force related war gadgets; PAF Museum is the best place for them to quench their thirst for watching historical aeronautical machines.

8. The National Museum of Pakistan

Looking on the most diverse range of art depicting the facets of Pakistani culture, the National Museum is the right place. From Indus Valley Civilization to modern times the museum consists of 11 galleries showcasing the artifacts.

9. Pakistan Maritime Museum

One of the city’s best attractions is Pakistan Maritime Museum – a naval museum that provides an opportunity to look into a real submarine, along with several aircrafts and different artillery of the yesteryears that were used by the Pakistan Navy. There is also a six-gallery indoor museum that educates visitors through murals, relief sculptures and dioramas.

10. Sea View and its Allied Beaches

Open sea is a big attraction of Karachi especially in summer to escape the heat. Sea View and its contemporary beaches like French Beach, Sands pit, Hawks’ Bay, Paradise Point, Manora Beach etc. can be more amusing for the lovers of water expeditions.

11. Port Grand

By the sea, Port Grand is a great place to try different cuisines that are offered by many of its restaurants and parlours.

12. Do Darya (Twin Brooks)

The site is equally popular for its scenic beauty as well as its food. Located along the sea view the city’s speciallities of foods like Al-Habib, Kababjees, Charcoal grills , Kolachi etc. are offered in a sophisticated environment of a beach.

13. Food Stall at Boating Basin, Burns Road, Sindhi Muslim, Hussainabad, Zamzama

Typical and traditional food dishes are offered at the food streets scattered in the posh localities as mentioned above for the foodies to soothe their taste buds.            

14 The Chaukhandi Tombs  

The Chaukhandi Tombs which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site exists near Karachi. Here the origin of tombs is estimated to range between the 15th and 18th century.  The tombs are built out of huge sandstone slabs and carved with intricate patterns that attract archaeologists and visitors alike.

15. Churna Island

Two hour drive away from central Karachi, the Churna Island is also a must visit site. The place is good to swim, snorkel and scuba dive around the island’s reef.

16. Turtle Beach  

Winter may also be a great time to visit Karachi because this is the suitable time to visit Turtle Beach a home to green sea turtles that come out to lay their eggs in the sands.

17. Shahjahani Mosque, Thatta

18. Aladin Amusement and Water Park

19. Kanarach Waterfalls: 200 kms from Karachi

20. Sindbad Amusement and Water Park

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